• All you need to know: The kits translate complex ideas into simple frameworks

  • Immediate action: The kits allow you to start problem-solving with your team right from the word go

  • State of the art: The kits combine a thorough research with key practical experience


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Receive state-of-the-art management tools in a practical, easy-to-use format. Save time and effort while building your team’s management capabilities.

  • The best from theory and practice
    Apply state of the art concepts and insights to your management challenge: Integrating key academic insights and rich hands-on management experience our kits serve as handbook to navigate your management challenge.

  • Ease of use
    Enjoy the Management Kits’ ease of use: The kits come in a condensed, applicable, and easy-to-use format focusing on the most relevant details and examples. Apply cutting-edge management thinking without having to recur to lengthy text books.
  • Learn by solving the most relevant business case: yours
    Save time and effort while building management capabilities in-house: Reduce external support to the minimum and receive a short-cut to key management thinking. Engage in action learning and define made-to-measure management solutions for your organization – and build your team’s management capabilities while doing so.

“Take my assets –
but leave me my organization and in five years I will have it all back.”
— Alfred P. Sloan
Management Kits - Alfred Sloan