A Canvas for Teaming

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Teams are the power-cells of organizational performance. Teams have the agility larger structures lack. Teams show the mutual accountability and shared leadership that no leader-boss could ever instill alone. Teams provide forums for learning and make work meaningful.

For all their benefits on the organizational level they also define the immediate social context for individual engagement and contribution. If work is experienced as meaningful then often because one’s team has a purpose one can identify with. Moreover, the team is the structural element in modern organizations that’s most influenceable by an individual being a part of it. You cannot easily change the org chart or the enterprise strategy, but you can always shape the communication and work processes in your team, regardless of your formal leadership role.

Learning, practice, and reflection

While high-performing teams may seem to achieve magic-like outputs, this kind of achievement can be mastered through learning, practice and reflection. We know a lot about what makes teams function. Many aspects of teaming are well researched and documented. However, that does not mean that building, running, and supporting teams is an easy thing to do. To the contrary: engaging in teams requires a significant time and energy investment. But it’s an investment that pays off when done right – after all there is no other comparable setting for social groups to find solutions for non-standard issues.

At the same time, many teams face daunting challenges

Some lack a compelling purpose or clear goals. Others suffer from being the wrong size or having the wrong skill-sets. Some teams fail because of bossy leadership behavior. Or a lack of accountability. Poor communication patterns. Disabling conflict.

This is why we have developed a Team Kit. Built around a practical Kit Board canvas the Team Kit supports teams, individuals, and team leaders in their learning journey towards effective teaming. Because we aim for maximum impact, the Kit provides frameworks and tools to shape and action-learn in your specific and real-world team settings. Find out more clicking the button above or here.