Management Kits Training Agenda – Update


Upon multiple requests, we have developed some of our Kits into open training formats which we have now planned out for the second half of 2017.

In designing the trainings, our key focus has been practical use value of the contents and real-life impact for participants. Each training provides dedicated room to discuss real-world issues and management challenges faced by participants, and relate the learning experience to those issues. In order to maximize and sustain use value, trainings are supported by online access to the respective Management Kit and include a follow-on online session within three months of the training date.

In the coming months, we offer three different trainings at multiple dates in our Zürich workspace:

Designing Organizations is a two-day training integrating our best organization design materials, consulting experience, and contents. The training is designed to give participants the key knowledge and tools they need to lead organization design projects, whether they are line or project managers, HR business partners, or consultants. Lean more here.

Building High-Performing Teams is a one-day training conveying key concepts and practical tools for designing, building and leading high-performing teams. The training is based on our team kit, full access to which is provided as part of the learning journey. Learn more here.

Agile Organizing Basics: Agile Organizing is the label for a variety of organizing approaches which share the goal of decentralized adaptability and seek a new balance of organizational framework and self-organizing units and teams. This half-day training gives a case-based introduction to some key principles of agile organizing and provides a framework for approaching agile organizing in specific contexts. Learn more here.

We're always available in case you might have questions regarding the trainings. If you can't make it on these dates stay up to date with all our future trainings by signing up to our newsletter.