Where to start your leadership development initiative? Consider its platform


Any initiative to develop organizational leadership capabilities should carefully consider its platform – the places, structures, bodies, and processes where you define and manage LD interventions in your organization.

Such platforms do not have to be huge and costly – like a full-blown corporate academy such as GE's Crotonville Management Development Institute or Goldman Sachs’ Pine Street Initiative (though some smart branding certainly helps). Platforms can start small, even self-organized, like a team meeting or a regular item on the senior management’s agenda, dedicated to making sense of leadership development.

Platforms also should not stop at defining a formal training program. In steering the initiative, platforms should rather incorporate opportunities to consider context, strategic objectives, and to evaluate success. Also, we recommend having a clear and explicit approach towards integrating leadership development with on-the-job practice, and towards enabling reflection on this practice. Resources should be defined to support learning and insights for the individual leader (and of course, formal training can be one important element of such a set of resources).

As part of our Leadership Development Kit, we have defined a list of trigger questions to support your work to anchor leadership development in your organization: