Comprising „all you need to know“ to start working on your organizational structure, defining six key design elements and introducing the Kit Board, a practical tool to sketch solutions, brainstorm options, and capture ideas




A guide to shaping the journey to your target state, this section explains the work process to define the organizational structure along the steps of initiation, design, and testing



Detailed example agendas mapping the framework and supporting tools to the work process,  giving detailed, step-by-step guidance for your working team



Tool 1
Developing Principles

Define a focused set of principles to guide your work on organizational structure

Tool 2
Defining Implications of “Structure Follows Strategy”

Define the ways in which „structure follows strategy“ in your organization

Tool 3
Defining Scope and Boundaries

Formulate constraints to your organizational design work

Tool 4
Activity Analysis

Capture key activities your organization is conducting to create value

Tool 5
Unit Grouping Options

Sketch out different options of the organizational structure on the highest level along basic unit grouping types and assess options along key criteria

Tool 6
Establishing Interfaces

Map out organizational interfaces between units, defining information flows, alignment and cooperation needs, and joint decision making

Tool 7
Cross-Unit Process Definition

Define key processes running through the organization requiring support from several units across unit boundaries

Tool 8
Defining Role Profiles

Define critical role profiles in charge of key alignment tasks between units

Tool 9
Designing Cross-Unit Groups

Design groups to enable cross-unit linking and task performance

Tool 10
Designing Matrix Reporting

Define dual reporting lines in case of linking by dual unit groupings (matrix)

Tool 11
Defining Spans and Layers

Define spans of control at the organization’s top level and the unit leadership level. Define the number of leadership positions and work layers.


Complete Kit

Download the complete kit PDF