In-House Workshops


Our In-House Workshops combine our Kits’ resources with our extensive experience deploying the frameworks and tools in highly specific contexts. We create and deliver customized learning and co-creation sessions that yield concrete results and enable your team and organization to move forward.


Our support: We work with your organization or team to establish the context of your management challenge, do additional research, and customize the workshop's approach. We plan and deliver the workshop and document findings and results. We convey key concepts and techniques and relate them to your needs and challenges. We contribute knowledge and resources and we coach everyone through the process.

Our impact: We support your jobs by the focused and targeted deployment of external resources and the internalization of action learning benefits on behalf of your organization or team. We avoid generic trainings that are unrelated to your unique gains and pains, and instead focus our workshops on action and co-creating solutions that adress your specific needs.


Example topics for In-House Workshops based on our current portfolio of Management Kits include:

Organizational Design

  • Aligning strategy and structure

  • Building new business initiatives into the structure

  • Designing cross-unit cooperation

  • Evaluating organizational designs

  • Defining decision-making processes


  • Defining goals and purpose

  • Setting rules and aligning behavior expectations

  • Team leadership

  • Instilling team discipline across the organization

  • Top management team alignment

Leadership Development

  • Defining leadership development strategies and programs

  • Integrating training, feedback, and on-the-job leadership learning

  • Measuring leadership development impact and effectiveness

Agile Organizing

  • Principles and imperatives of agile organizing

  • Defining agile organizing processes across the organization

  • Linking team autonomy and organization-wide structures


  • Defining drivers and need for change

  • Defining and planning change program and interventions

  • Defining and implementing change tools



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