The Organizational Structure Kit is a set of documents that comprises the framework, guidance, and key tools to get the structural design of your business right


  • “Management Kits helps guide everyone forward in a highly engaged way. The kit board and other materials make the entire process clear and effective.”

    – John Chappelear, Management Kits Customer

    “I am really enjoying your framework because I find it simple and syntactic. It has a really good use of the management literature. I’m already excited for the next materials!”

    — Juan Ramírez, Management Kits Customer


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    Download the free preview including the framework and the kit board, an example meeting agenda, and the exemplary unit grouping tool.


    Full Kit

    Get the full Organizational Structure Kit, including the kit board canvas, presentation materials, a process guide, and a full set of meeting agendas and tools.

    Upon request, the full kit comprises an interactive one-hour session with a member of the Management Kits team on how to best apply the kit to your specific organization design challenge.

    Value policy: If you’re not satisfied with the Organizational Structure Kit within 30 days we’ll refund your money in full.

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    Included in the free preview
    Full Kit

    1 Framework

    Framework documents introducing key ideas and concepts with regard to organizational structure

    • Framework overview, Goals, Limits, Activities, Units, Links and Shape (PDF, 16 pages)
    • Kit Board Canvas (PDF)
    • Presentation materials (PPT, 10 slides)


    • Containing all content in one comprehensive eBook (PDF, 59 pages)
    Organizational Structure Kit

    2 Process

    A guide to shaping the journey to your target state, including example meeting agendas to guide your team

    • Guide to the organizational process (PDF, 5 pages)
    • Commented meeting agendas guiding through the three steps: Initiate, Design, and Test (PDF, 7 pages)
    • Agenda presentation materials (PPT, 15 slides)

    3 Tools

    Eleven practical tools to put the framework into action and to co-create key elements of your organization (PDF, 2–5 pages each) 

    • Principles
    • Strategy implications
    • Scope
    • Activity analysis
    • Unit grouping options

    • Interfaces
    • Cross-unit processes
    • Roles
    • Cross-unit groups
    • Matrix reporting
    • Spans and layers


    How best to work with this kit


    Included in the purchase of the kit is a one-hour onboarding session with a member of the Management Kits team guiding you through the kit and discussing how to best apply the kit to your management challenge. For further practical insights read our introductory blog posts A canvas for organizing and How to best run an organizational design project.


    A typical kit-based work process involves the iteration of four steps

    • Immerse yourself into the framework and content of this kit
    • Initiate the work leveraging the process guide and agendas
    • Ideate solutions, applying the tools to prototype your design
    • Iterate, test and implement the organizational structure


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